Master Your Spirit
2 hr


An online group journey that will set you up with all the tools and skills necessary in becoming a unique shamanic healer 


Over the course of six weeks, we will be delving into many teachings to:


🌌​Connect you to universal healing energy 

💪🏼Increase your power

🙏🏼improve your connection to spirit

🌳keep you grounded in who you are 

🧹Clear the way for higher guidance to come through

These necessary components combined are what will set you off on your journey to becoming a

shamanic healer 

Alongside group coaching sessions you will also receive...

six separate shamanic healing treatments!


life long support!

This is a powerful combination to get you on the right track to realising your highest potential as a healer! 


The course outline is as follows: 

💠Become attuned to universal healing energy

💠Learn the basics of working with energy

💠Learn important rituals for healing treatments

💠Practice healing on yourself and others


🌏Learn how to stay grounded and protected in who you really are

🌏Learn how to connect with plants and crystals as a way of healing and balancing your life on many levels 

🌏Set up a daily routine to keep you in alignment with your highest self

🌏 Learn the shamanic drum technique 


💦Clear yourself of all that no longer serves you through shamanic healing

💦Learn how to cleanse and clear unhelpful/unaligned energies

💦Keep clear and aligned with an integrated spiritual practice

💦Become one with the flow of your essence to keep yourself open to all that you are


🔥stand strong in your boundaries so that nothing will ever get in your way

🔥Work with the energies inside you to gain power and stay strong in who you are

🔥Become aware of different energies and how to work with them for your benefit

🔥Learn the secrets of holding safe space energetically and spiritually


🌬Open up to spirit, develop your intuition and allow your inner guidance to shine through

🌬support your personal growth by working with several different healing modalities 

🌬Discover your truest nature by working with yourself in new ways

🌬navigate new realms of awakening and spirituality

This course is perfect for those who:

Want to start practicing a powerful spiritual healing modality 

Are looking to further develop and strengthen their existing practice as a healer

Long for a fresh outlook on their spiritual practice!

payment plans available


"I took Josh’s course “Master your Spirit”, and had the pleasure to go on a unique, transformative and fun journey that has changed my life & energy work tremendously for the better. As someone very sensitive to energies, his practical & knowledgeable teachings allow me to approach my daily life and my work with energies from a whole new level.

The individual coaching is a phenomenal opportunity for beginners or experienced energy practitioners to either brush up specific areas of their work, or to get a solid understanding of energies and Spirits around us.

Josh’s compassionate, loving & easy-going nature created a deeply trustworthy and nurturing teaching and healing environment. His philosophy to approach any- and everything with love & kindness is vital for any energy worker and healer to learn; and something that the community and world as a whole needs more than anything right now. I am deeply grateful to have had the chance to learn from him. I highly recommend the course. "  - hannah, Germany